Insurance Committee/ Representative

Formerly the Pre-Paid Dental Plan Committee; (Struck Feb. 1970)
The purpose of this committee shall be to represent the interests of the members of the BCSO in their dealings with patients who have prepaid orthodontic insurance. This committee shall:

  • develop a liaison with the Insurance Companies, Societies, Associations, etc. who are providing insurance and also with the groups who are contracting for this insurance in order to acquaint them with the views of the orthodontists who will ultimately service these contracts,

  • be prepared to assist members who may be encountering difficulties in their dealings with either the insurance carriers or their insured patients,

  • prepare a written Policy for the use of the members of this Society outlining the manner in which the member and his/her office staff will aid the patients in obtaining their insurance benefits. The policy statement should explain the procedure in such a way as to avoid misunderstanding between the orthodontist and the insured, and

  • promote goodwill between the Society and all groups participating in the provision of Prepaid Orthodontic benefits.


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