Member News

Update your public membership listing



Our website has been refreshed to enhance the promotion of members through these new, visually oriented features:

  • Our home page now features a member(profile picture, name, city, map) at random each time the page is loaded
  • You may now upload a profile picture* that is displayed in both search and map views. Create an instant impression by uploading a head-shot or clinic logo!
  • Clinic names are now searchable along with your name, clinic city, and postal code
  • Profile details now include separate sections to describe yourself (biography) and your practice, to upload photos, and to embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo
  • Patients can now fill out an inquiry form directly from your profile to get in touch with you

* Our new directory is designed to be modern and image-forward. It is in our collective and individual interest for each member to include at minimum a profile picture with their listing. Capitalize on our investment in these new features by updating it at your earliest opportunity.