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Dr. Peter Duncan is an orthodontist at Embrace Life. Smile! in Victoria, BC
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About Dr. Peter Duncan

Ever since I became an orthodontist, Ive been passionate about helping patients understand how we can help them achieve their orthodontic goals; why their particular situation exists in the first place, what can be done about it, and what treatment options are available to them. My job, as I see it, is to make a patient aware of their options and assist them in making an informed decision about how they wish to handle their care. I am excited to have the privilege of being involved in transforming people’s lives through the creation of a beautiful smile and a functional bite.

As the saying goes, the only constant is change. It’s important for me and my staff to challenge ourselves to do better on behalf of the patients who seek our care. It’s what we would expect of anyone caring for us!

A high priority for us is to stay current with ongoing changes and improvements in patient care. We are not providing our orthodontic services the same way we did years ago; we continue to evolve and adopt new methods and technologies as they become proven and effective. This improves the quality and efficiency of our orthodontic services to our patients.

As a member of the Vancouver Island Orthodontists Seminars, I meet regularly with my peers to exchange ideas for providing better care to our patients. We attend continuing education conferences of internationally recognized educators in the field of orthodontics and regularly participate in online distance learning opportunities across the globe.

About Embrace Life. Smile!

Dr. Peter Duncan’s orthodontic practice is committed to providing exceptional orthodontic experiences and technologically advanced treatments to create beautiful, healthy smiles. For over 20 years we've built our reputation of offering unparalleled professional, patient focused care to patients and families in Victoria, Saanich Peninsula and Westshore BC communities.

Understanding each patient's unique concerns, needs and expectations and addressing these through our orthodontic expertise and individualized treatment planning is our top priority. This, combined with the friendly and accommodating efforts of Dr. Duncan and our team to ensure that you are well informed and supported throughout your treatment, is the ultimate basis for our success.