How to Choose an Orthodontist: 5+ Questions to Ask Potential Orthodontists

Are you considering orthodontic treatment for yourself or a loved one? Here are some questions to help you get the information you need to determine which orthodontist and treatment plan is right for you: 

  1. Are you a certified specialist in orthodontics?
  2. How will you treat the issues with my bite? 
    1. How will you fix each issue (crowding/overbite/crossbite etc.)? 
    2. What types of appliances will be used?
    3. Do any teeth need to be extracted? 
    4. Do I need a surgery? 
    5. Will I have to wear elastics or headgear? 
    6. How long do you estimate I will be in treatment?
    7. Can you show me examples of patient who have had treatment similar to mine?
  3. What is included in the Treatment Fees?
    1. Is there anything that is not covered (i.e. retainers, x-rays, extractions, etc.)?
    2. In what scenarios would I be charged additional fees? When?
    3. Will the proposed fees correct all issues with my bite?
    4. How is my treatment cost determined? Does your quote include all costs from beginning to end? 
    5. What follow-up care, such as retainers, is included after the braces are removed?
    6. How do I use my dental insurance for my orthodontic treatment?
  4. What are your expectations of me as a patient?
    1. What kind of oral hygiene standards will I have to maintain? 
    2. Will I be expected to wear elastics?
    3. Appointment attendance and intervals?
  5. When will my appointments be?
    1. Will I need to miss work/school for appointments?

In addition to asking the questions listed above, we also recommend:

  • Visiting reputable websites that give you an overview of orthodontics: orthodontic associations, such as the Canadian Association of Orthodontists and the American Association of Orthodontists are great resources for orthodontic information. It’s a good idea to do this before you interview potential orthodontists.
  • Visiting the orthodontist’s website before you meet, so you have an idea of what the practice is like.