BCSO Member Logo

Use of the BCSO Member Logo is an exclusive membership benefit, and we encourage our members to use it to link to www.bcortho.ca.

How to Use the BCSO Member Logo

To use the BCSO Member Logo to link to www.bcortho.ca, simply download the desired version of the logo from the options provided below, and insert it into your site. Be sure to hyperlink the image to http://www.bcortho.ca. It's recommended that the the linked logo appear in the website header or footer: alternatively, placing it on a single webpage is also effective.

BCSO Member Logo
BCSO Member Logo Added Dec 4, 2013
BCSO Member Logo Black
BCSO Member Logo Black Added Dec 4, 2013
BCSO Member Logo White
BCSO Member Logo White Added Dec 4, 2013

BCSO Member Logo Usage Guidelines

  • Use of the BCSO Member Logo is restricted to the websites of Participating and Non-participating BCSO members in good standing.
  • A practice that includes non-BCSO member(s) as an orthodontist(s) may not use the BCSO Member Logo.
  • The BCSO Member Logo may not be used in ay way that might suggest:
    • That any orthodontist who is not currently a BCSO member in good standing is or may be a member of the BCSO; or
    • That any corporate or any other business organization is a member of the BCSO.
  • If a BCSO membership is terminated or expires, use of the BCSO Member Logo and other indicators of BCSO membership must be removed immediately from the website 
NOTE: The usage guidelines are subject to change at anytime. Any use of the BCSO Membership Logo that does not reflect good taste, professionalism or quality may be prohibited by the Society at its discretion.