Orthodontic Links & Resources

Canadian Association of Orthodontists

Tel: (416) 491-3186
E-mail: cao@taylorenterprises.com
Web: www.cao-aco.org

American Association of Orthodontists

Tel: 1 800 424-2841
E-mail: info@aaortho.org
Web: www.aaomembers.org

Pacific Coast Association of Orthodontists

Tel: 1 888 242-3925
E-mail: info@pcsortho.org
Web: www.pcsortho.org

World Federation of Orthodontists

Tel:(314) 993-1700
Web: www.wfo.org

Canadian Dental Association

Web: www.cda-adc.ca/en/index.asp

College of Dental Surgeons of BC

Tel: (604) 736-3621
E-mail: info@cdsbc.org
Web: www.cdsbc.org

BC Dental Association

Tel: (604) 736-7202
E-mail: post@bcdental.org
Web: www.bcdental.org